Earth -06
Carnage Vol 2
Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 #141
Darkhold Vol 1
Dark Knights: The Drowned #1
Doctor Strange Vol 4
Secret Empire
Marvel Chillers Vol 1 #1

Chthon (as The Horror)
Various Darkforce Creatures

• Really, really likes root beer.

A world based in the Dark Multiverse, a multiverse created of malformed worlds of nightmares that are forged by every bad decision and every fear, and on a timeline stemming from the first opening of the Darkhold on April 8, 2020, Earth -06, like other worlds in the Dark Multiverse is doomed to destruction from its malformed creation in the image of the Elder Gods, particularly the malevolent deity Chthon.

Maddened by the knowledge to come of the Darkkhold and the increased presence of Chthon, driven by a paranoia that suggested the Darkholders were around each corner since his escape from their former sanctum in an abandoned building in Hunters Point, The Horror laid waste to the Bay Area in a tidal wave of dark water to attempt to flush them out with little regard for those who were caught in the undertow. His near-death to follow only served to open the flood gates to the Darkforce Dimension, allowing Chthon to possess The Horror in full and casting the world in shadow.

Though resistance factions exist in what few areas of light that remain, it is a futile effort as creatures from the Darkforce Dimension and Banshees of the Void, Chthon's servants, search tirelessly to destroy them.
CHTHON AND THE DARKHOLDERS Billions of years ago, shortly after the formation of the Earth, the Demiurge, the sentient life force of Earth's biosphere, seeded the young planet with its essence, creating a race of Elder Gods, the foremost of which were Chthon, and his siblings Set, Gaea, and Oshtur. The Elder Gods proliferated across the planet and ruled it for a million years. Chthon spent his time studying the mystical forces of the universe and eventually became the Earth's first black magician.

Over time, at least 1 billion years ago, the Elder Gods degenerated and turned into demons, warring with one another and struggling for power and influence. With the creation of Atum and the Demogourge by Gaea who hunted down the other Elder Gods, Chthon managed to escape the God-Eater by fleeing into another dimension, which he was imprisoned within. Before he left, Chthon inscribed all his arcane knowledge on scrolls made from indestructible parchment and left them behind to serve as a physical link between Earth and his new home should he ever choose to return. It was theorized by the Logomancer that the Darkhold was originated from etchings carved by ancient and hideous "things" on the walls of the city of R'llyeh, possibly Chthon and a group of related demons; and over the centuries, humans would find the scrolls and other writings left by Chthon, eventually bounding them together in a single volume: the Darkhold.

Chthon's new dimension was close enough to continue influencing Earth. A pact was struck between the surviving Elder Gods that each would occupy their own realms and not directly interfere with each others' territory. Earth was the realm of Gaea, and so Chthon was banned from ever returning or else face the wraith of the Demogorge. Still, he found ways to intervene indirectly, through the demon races he created, which were not bound by his oath. While Chthon created monsters, his followers - the eventual Darkholders - created the first vampites in the depths of Atlantis.

Eventually locked away by Morgan Le Fay in the depths of Mount Wundagore after she and her self-styled Darkholders brought Chthon into Earth's dimension once more, Chthon has used the Scarlett Witch (the first time by the influence of Modred or the second time as part of Captain America's HYDRA) and Quicksilver as hosts for short times as well as was almost raised by the Darkholders who thought Carnage would bring about the return of Chthon due to a prophecy found in the Darkhold, but instead of sacrificing the symbiote, they instead imbued him with eldritch power and compelled him to journey to a secret island in the Timor Sea, where a temple to Chthon had been built and guarded by the Broodlings of Chthon.
MINIONS & DARKFORCE CREATURES BANSHEES FROM THE VOID • The Banshees from the Void are mystical creatures that serve Chthon at his home dimension, where they also live. The Banshees can be summoned to the Earth dimension by any magician that knows the right spell. The evil sorcerer Bane, member of the Darkholders cult that aimed to resurrect Chthon on Earth, was one of these wizards - Bane could summon up to ten Banshees at once.

The Banshees from the Void had a number of magical powers including: Keening, which is performed as a scream and the target person tends to feel too much horror to move for a few minutures, unless that victim shows a great willpower; and posession wherein if a Banshee can grab a person, she can flow in that person's mind to control his or her body. People with great willpower are naturally immune to this attack; other people can try to resist during the possession and in any further dangerous situation. Once the victim is released, he or she will remember nothing of that period.

DEAD WATER • Dead Water is a race of sea monsters engineered by Bryce Wayne to act as her underwater army after the Atlanteans drowned Gotham City. Much like when used by Bryce Wayne, Dead Water can infect and turn others into versions of themselves. They also have claws and fangs for physical attacks and are proficient swimmers.

DARKHOLD SPIDERS • Seen primarily in Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 #141, the spiders conjured from the Darkhold by Reimos have not only a very potent poison, but will wear the body of their hosts to make them walk around like zombies so they can readily swarm the unsuspecting. They are, however, weak to fire.

DARKFORCE CREATURES • Considering the nasty habit of banishing creatures to the Darkforce Dimension, the Darkforce Dimension is full of a number of eldritch-looking creepy crawlies that don't have names, but you can find a selection of during Secret Empire, particularly Doctor Strange Vol 4, wherein a number of super heroes are trapped in a dome of Darkforce over New York City. The creatures go after residents, flood the subways, and even chomp down on a few buildings as they trash the city.
IN-GAME REFERENCE MARCH 4, 2020 • Henry & Nick first come into contact with said cult, resulting in the death of about five cultists and a few innocent victims between the manifestation of Henry’s Darkforce Manipulation in the form of an Old One, which obviously isn’t going to stop these guys. Presumably covered up by the C.S.A.

MARCH 6, 2020 • Nate & Nick investigate further, running into one of the cultists who tell them where to go. While much is still shrouded in mystery including the question of kidnapping people with no super powers whatsoever when Henry is known to be The Horror, potential victims were eventually found.

APRIL 1, 2020 • Nate - the older version - is taken out in 2017 after another Nate on the timeline comes to 2020 for unknown reasons to replace him.

APRIL 8, 2020 • Henry reading the Darkhold because, you know what, he’s bored and quarantine is getting the better of him...

APRIL 10, 2020 • ... and now he has to deal with the fun haunting factor of it because this thing wants to be read.

APRIL 26, 2020 • For further cover up sake so the C.S.A. can investigate as they need to, Nate takes down the scene of the crime to avoid it from being used in the future.

APRIL 30, 2020 • Nate comes clean about what happened to his older self and for what reasons to his brother, Nick. The two travel to Earth -06 to not only show Nick the future, but track down the Darkhold. However, they realize Henry has also somehow found his way into the timeline.

MAY 1, 2020 • After getting a ticket from Zoltar on the pier, Henry is transported to Earth -06 where he meets his Dark Multiverse self before crossing paths with Nick and Nate.

MAY 1, FUTURE • After finding Nick and Nate, the trio head to the Hargreeves Mansion to find the Darkhold only to come face to face with his alternate self before the time traveler rips them back into the present, seemingly triggering a collapse of the multiverse.

MAY 19, 2020 • Henry, after paying a visit to a found Darkholder in the city, is confronted by the Darkhold Dwarf in preparation for Chthon's emergence, in part, into reality.

MAY 21, 2020 • Earth -06 collapses in full with the tranfer of Earth -06's portion of Chthon and subsequent death of The Horror to present day The Horror only to trap that fragment of his being within using magic from the Darkhold and a yet to be tapped fount of eldritch magic.